Your Support on June 26, 2018
would be very much appreciated.


It would be my pleasure to serve as your next Alfalfa County Assessor.  I will dedicate myself to preserving the fair treatment of all taxpayers and maintain a welcoming office to serve your many needs.

Our county has a wide diversity within the population and I hope to work with each of you.  I will continue to make it a priority to listen to your issues and be as helpful as possible weather we are discussing new buildings, depreciated values, transfers of ownership, or assessment ratios.  Communication with the taxpayers, businesses, schools and visitors is of the utmost importance.    

I have worked in the Alfalfa County Assessor's office for a little more than three years.  My job in visual inspection requires me to personally look at every piece of property and building in our county at least once every four years.  If it's out there I've probably seen it.  I won't treat one property differently than another no matter how hard it is to get to.  Remaining consistent in viewing property ensures that every taxpayer is treated exactly the same.  Accuracy in visual inspection is a vital component to the reports and studies that the assessor's office performs for audits by the Oklahoma Tax Commission annually.

The reason fairness is such an important issue for me is because I know that paying property taxes isn't high on anyone's list of favorite things to do.  Alternatively, I have also seen multiple times, how passionate and abundantly generous our citizens are to our schools, which are the largest recipient of those same tax dollars.  I believe in the great goodness of you, my neighbors, and I will always respect hard work and dedication you put into improving, not only your lives, businesses, and property, but also how you invest in communities. 

About Jennifer Roach

Thank you for visiting my webpage.  I hope the information here will help you get to know more about me.

Thirty years ago my parents moved to Cherokee to be closer to my father's job.  I have grown up among many of the people who remain in this area.  The rural values of honesty and community have been ingrained into my character, and I try to learn something positive from every experience.

My husband and I purchased our first home 22 years ago and we have owned several properties within the county since. I can relate to the opinions of many of my neighbors who are directly affected by the work that is done in the assessor's office.

I am also the proud mother of three boys: Jason, 15; Colby, 13; and Clayton, 10.  They are all naturally very diverse people and I have had the greatest pleasure watching them grow and change over the years. Through my experiences I have learned to look at the world from multiple perspectives, and to never take anything for granted.