Appraise and Assess Real and Personal Property

By law, the county assessor ap­praises all the taxable real and personal property according to its fair cash value for which the property is actually being used as of January 1 of the taxable year and assesses it at the local assessment percent of its fair cash value. The county assessor is required to compute the ad valorem taxes due on all the taxable property and prepares an assessment roll for the county board of equalization.

Applications for homestead exemptions and senior freeze must be submitted to the Assessor's Office.  Our staff is always eager to help you know what additional benefits you may qualify for.

Maintain Ownership Records and Maps

Having accurate records of ownership means that the assessor's office reviews all deeds and recorded documents to determine legal ownership of all the property in Alfalfa County.  School districts, city plats and boundaries, as well as soil types are additional information can be found in maps maintained by the assessor's office.

Paperwork to Move a Mobile Home

Moving mobile homes isn't something that happens every day, but when it needs done there is some paperwork that must be completed by the county assessor's office.  State law SB 1114 became effective June 10, 1998 and it requires proof of paid ad valorem taxes in order to move a mobile home in the state of Oklahoma.  

Tax Exemption Cards

The assessor's office is tasked with maintaining applications for agricultural tax exemptions in the county.  In order to be approved for the exemption the assessor's office must verify that real estate taxes have been paid.  Some owners who live outside of the county or even outside of the state may still qualify.  Recent changes at the Oklahoma Tax Commission now require a phone number to apply for a tax exempt card.

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