Education and Skills

A graduated from Cherokee High School, I also attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University.   My strongest skills are in Mathematics and Language Arts.  I have always enjoyed learning and I believe in the value of service.

I have also taken classes for QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and even GPS Locators.  I completed my classes for Initial and Advanced Certification in the Assessors Training and Accreditation Program through OSU in 7 months. 

Microsoft Excel is my favorite computer program.  I have a very analytical mind, and I enjoy creating and manipulating spreadsheets.  I have experience in merging spreadsheet data into Word documents and creating multi-layered graphs and charts.

Job Experience

I have worked at the Alfalfa County Assessor's Office since January 2015.  My primary duties have been in visual inspection and mapping; however, I have also been actively involved in many other aspects of the office, including Data Entry, which is a crucial duty for everyone in the Assessors.

My job in visual inspection enables me to be well informed about every property. If a land owner has questions, I am able to draw on the experience of being at the location in person. 

Dedication to my duties in mapping is important because the Assessors Office sells section maps and plat books to a wide variety of people.  This involves reading legal descriptions, surveys, and performing title searches; as well as using tool in Google Earth.  When I produce maps I want to ensure the most up-to-date information as possible.

I have experience running reports ranging in complexity from simple prewritten report options to multi-step reports that are required only once a year.  I have used search parameters to write code for specialized reports and helped our current Assessor with developing a new mapping practices, which was very helpful in analyzing sales reports.

My skills in developing spreadsheets has streamlined the process of building an inspection plan for new buildings and for tracking improvements on leased land.  I am also extremely proud of devising a system to convert the output of a report from one program into an Excel spreadsheet, remove duplicate entries automatically, and then merge the data into an easy to use Word document.

Preparing for Annual Audits by the Oklahoma Tax Commission requires me to gather information from files and run reports.  For the last three years I have accompanied the current Assessor, Donna Prince, and a tax commission agent to various properties during an audit.  

The art of providing quality customer service implies having a helpful attitude.  Working at the Assessor's Office, I keep that in mind while assisting visitors to the office with the following:

Applications for Agriculture Tax Exemption Cards

Applications for Real Estate Exemptions

Agriculture renditions of personal property

Insurance requests for real estate data

Maps and ownership reports for land researchers

Requests for radius reports showing ownership of neighbors

Inquires about property lines 

Research how ownership has transferred over the years

... and MORE